PERIHARD – the first quarter of the century… and onward…

Proud on the work done so far with a clear vision of the future PERIHARD is a system with more than 30 employees that operates successfully in the region.

In addition to company headquarters, service center and retail in Belgrade, cartridge industrial remanufacturing facility in Šimanovci and regional centers in Novi Sad, Subotica and Niš, PERIHARD provides services to clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

In a complete workflow process – from production through service and development and realization of the office print optimization solution, with environmentally responsible business as a constant, and appropriate international certificates, employees in PERIHARD confront each business challenge with special energy and the goal of introducing harmony into your print world using PERIHARD solutions.

1988 – 1991.

PERIHARD was founded in Zagreb in 1988 in a time when it seemed that everyday use of computers and printers was a distant future. The founders Danilo and Bogdanka Pesic started introducing global trends and innovations from the computer world in these regions and improve and adjust them.

Breakthrough in the production of peripheral equipment for PC and printers, and the status of the Yugoslav distributor of the American company Sunglass and the official dealer of HP laser printers

In January 1991the first remanufactured toner cartridge , was produced, not one year after Steven MICHELIN from Chicago, the first one in the world. Steve soon became a business partner and a friend.


1991 – 1999.

In the nineties, when history began to change our geography, we started to the time of new challenges – in Belgrade was created “PERIHARD engineering”. Remanufactured toner cartridge ustomers was missing the service for the printer, and everything that others couldn’t, PERIHARD successfully resolved.

They say that we borrowed the planet from our descendants. It need to be preserved. The pioneering mission to protect the environment from the beginning of the 90s has become a part of PERIHARD business culture and strategy. At the time, the respect has grown in confidence – printer service and toner cartirdge remanufacturing were left to us by government institutions, many large companies, a successful private companies – business people have realized that the trust donated PERIHARD returns like a boomerang – always delivering more than expected quality – saving and safety.

2000 – 2008.

PERIHARD has based its business philosophy on high standards from the start – looking forward, making one step ahead, one step further.

The period that came led us to international fairs – Remax, Systems, Cebit, Paperworld, brought the introduction of international technical STMC standards in the production process, winning the ISO 9000 standard and we own the certificate since 2000.

In 2004, not a lot has passed since the foundation of the European Toner and Inkjet remanufacturing Association -ETIRA, and Perihard was accepted as a full member, and the founder, Danilo Pesic became Board of Director’s member of this organization. In October 2008 Perihard enters its second house, larger house. The production and storage facility in Šimanovci, with the surface area of 1,200 m2 has complemented another phase of development and validated PERIHARD’s status of a regional leader.


2009 – 2015.

From 2009 we have a new vision: Serbia needs leader that will consolidate top technology and quality of toner cartridge remanufacturing, reliable and tested service and modern print cost management with their clients. In the meantime, high business standards brought PERIHARD, in 2012, two new, globally renowned partners – Lexmark and Canon. Namely, PERIHARD became the official partner as the “Canon Office Solutions Partner”, „Advanced Office Solutions Partner“ today and “Lexmark Expert Service Partner”, „Gold Partner“ today.


And… the saga continues…

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