Printer, Scanner or Multifunctional Device Lease

Should you purchase or simply lease printer(s) for the required period?
  • The cheapest printers are almost never the most favorable solution, due to expensive printing they can produce a cost several times over the cost of printers that are far more expensive within the first year of usage.
  • We will facilitate in making the most optimal selection of devices and preventing errors in selection, whether you are buying or leasing the printer.
Advantages of Printer Lease
  • No investments into the equipment (new or used)
  • No worries about depreciation
  • Fast and easy adjustment to new job requirements
  • Care of the printer is our responsibility completely, and we guarantee that they will work when you need them to
  • You pay the printed pages while you use the device, only
  • Total costs are completely transparen

Lease Options:

All in the price of the print
All in the price of the toner cartridge
Monthly lease + price per page
Monthly lease + price per cartridge