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eDokument: more secure, faster, cheaper way…

eDokument PoliSign – sve se računa!

Issuing of electronic documents (invoices, debt books, open item statement etc.) is faster, simpler, more reliable and cheaper than issuing of paper documents. Issue e-documents with digital signature in three simple steps:

  1. Print the e-documents on virtual printer (generates a PDF instead of printing it)
  2. Process multiple e-documents with eDokument PoliSign app: massive automatic addressing and signing
  3. Send multiple e-documents with one click and follow the status in real time (sent, pending to receive, received, mutually signed)

eDokument PoliSign app can optimize your business processes that include many documents or many involved staff by improving the tracking and control of the documents. Example use cases are: delivery of salary slips, delivery of price lists to customers, delivery of internal documents and reports, delivery of documents including multiple legal entities.

Documents received and processed by the eDokument PoliSign fulfills all information protection regulations and personal information regulations.

Improvement of business processes, full control and ease of use with reduced costs!

Core system parts:

  • eDokument PoliSign is an app used for automatic addressing and massive signing and sending of signed PDF documents.
  • eDokument Clearing Server is a central place for storing and sorting of documents.
  • eDokument Portal is the place where you can collect documents addressed to you.

Advantages of eDokumenta:

  • Sending of e-Documents is substantially cheaper than printing of physical documents and postage stamps,
  • Fast and secure deliveryof e-Documents,
  • Status tracking of e-Documents,
  • All e-Documents are delivered to one location, without possibility of getting lost,
  • After the exchange of e-Documents, the app supports business processes that follow the management of received documents. For example, the received documents can be accepted or discarded so that the person in the following step knows if the document should be further processed or not.
Quick implementation, supported integration with any existing IT system, short user training and easy to use features of this product allow you to issue the first documents within the first two weeks of the implementation.
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