Empty toner cartidges

Collecting Empty Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridge is classified as electronic non-inert waste. The generators of this waste shall, in accordance with the Law on Waste Management (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia, number 36/2009, 88/2010 and 14/2016), Rulebook on Waste Management Document (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia number 114/2013), as well as the waste list in accordance with the Rulebook on Categories Testing and Classification of Waste (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia, number 56/2010) deliver the empty toner cartridges to companies owning the integral license for their storage and treatment, upon which they receive the “Waste Management Document”.

Note: Toner cartridges that originate from the so called Far East (so called, clones, replacements, “for use”) are not eligible for re-manufacturing due to low quality of plastics, irregular metal screws and other parts. They do not have an environmentally friendly ending of their life-cycle and mostly end up on landfills polluting the environment. We can proudly say that our re-manufactured toner cartridges originate from empty OEM toner cartridges.

Purchase of re-manufactured toner cartridges is ecologically responsible, while purchase of new products damages our environment, polluting our rivers and land while the amount of waste continuously increases.

Usage of rem-manufactured toner cartridges helps us protect the environment and saves natural resources.

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