uniFLOW Software for Printing, Scanning and Device Management

Software platform for device, printing and scanning management designed to enable your organization maximum utilization of multi-functional device value.

Members of our print management system integration team are certified by Canon, convey the experience, contributions and benefits of using uniFLOW:

  • Integrated platform for total printing, scanning and device management
  • Software compatible to organization of any size enables flexibility regardless of type of operation
  • Modular architecture enabling usage of all uniFLOW advantages in different parts of the company
  • Open platform for office print and scan management, as well as corporate print rooms
  • Platform independent from device type enables simple integration of mixed fleet of devices

Key features are:

  • uniFLOW secure print and scan – enables secure printing, scanning, processing and distribution of documents for customers, for improved productivity and secures organization rules compliance. Owing to the device authorization the customers can download their documents or select from a series of offered, personalized scanning processes that are characteristic for their roles enabling document scanning directly into the appropriate business process or system for document management (DMS).
  • Mobile Printing – sending print tasks from any location. Current customer requirements for printing exceed printing from own desktops. Recent progress in technology liberated customers from their “ties” to their working posts and enabled work from any location at any time. Users of the uniFLOW solution can send print requests by mail, browser or driver of the printer, regardless of the location. The customer can be at its office, meeting room or in a coffee shop in a town nearby and still print it documents in a secure and controlled manner.
  • Universal Printer Driver – innovation of this solution is unique enabling organizations to control mixed fleets of devices with only one driver. The printout is identical and accurate on any networked printer within the organization.
  • Easy mixed fleet integration – many organizations own printers and multifunctional devices of several manufacturers. uniFLOW offers a series of options for device integration of different manufacturers ensuring benefits from functions such as Universal Printing Driver or “My Print Anywhere”
    • Installed applets for Canon, Oce LFP, Konica Minolta, Xerox and Samsung
    • uniFLOW release station – terminal with a touch screen, independent from device manufacturer
    • microMIND – interface used for connecting card readers, independent from device manufacturer
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