LitePH Solution includes a print management service with comprehensive, proprietary, care of your current equipment, regardless of the location. This service is a synonym for print and costs control, through a uniform price of the cartridge or a print (no supplies, that is, the costs of the paper).

PH cartridges are on the market for over 20 years. They are included in the category of similar products secured by the equipment manufacturers by quality.

Complete environmental compliance of our operations is secured by the issuance of the Waste Management Document.

Within the LitePH service we provide the purchase of new and used printers, multifunctional devices and other devices, as the company requires. Also, this service includes supervision and device fleet management software usage, if such requirement exists or appears in the future.

Let us be the Captain of your Fleet!

  • Transparent costs for cartridges and service
  • Simple adding and replacement of devices
  • Extended lifetime of the equipment
  • Environmental operations in accordance with the law with the issuance of the Waste Management Document
  • The costs of all services are RSD 0.00
  • Employee labor time savings
  • Full guarantee for the equipment
  • Advice and technical support
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