eMaintenance Software for Canon Network Devices Monitoring and Control

Through the automation of time consuming tasks required for Canon network devices management eMaintenance enables focus on more urgent or important matters. There is a far more efficient way to provide for own Canon devices now, including:

  • Reduction of administration by automatic metrics reading
  • Time savings through remote diagnostics
  • Supply order automation for maximum usage of device operation
  • Design for multi-purpose as well as ordinary printing devices

Effortless Administration Reduction
Instead of reading counters every month, or making evaluations that must be harmonized over time, eMaintenance makes the entire process automatic for you. Working in accordance with the strictest security protocols, eMaintenance forwards relevant information directly to Perihard, over the Internet, with no administrative engagement whatsoever.

Reaching Optimum Operation Time of Your Devices
eMaintenance uses Canon remote diagnostics to monitor all your Canon network devices. In case of error, or activities of the device that are contrary to preset standards, Perihard is informed automatically and without delay, through e-mail. This ensures a quick response – call from the product expert or a visit from the technician – improving the availability of the device.

Toner Cartridge Management Improvement
eMaintenance automatically reads when the level of the toner is low and provides a request for ordering directly to the relevant service center, that is, Perihard. No more frustration caused by toner missing, and also, no more excessive supplies storage.

Device Usage Profile Development
eMaintenance facilitates considering status, capacity load and forms of usage of each network device – useful information on deciding where and how to use devices within a large organization.

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