Rent printers, scanners and multifunction devices

Should you purchase or simply lease printer(s) for the required period?

  • The cheapest printers are almost never the favorable solution, due to expensive price per copy that can incure a cost several times over the cost of printers that are initially more expensive. Even within the first year of usage.
  • Real costs should be calculated as total cost of ownership, rather than the purchase price of a printer.
  • Total cost of ownership consist of the following: purchase price, toner cartridge price per copy (not per cartridge), printer maintenance costs per copy and cost of paper. All of these are calculated for the depreciation period or lifetime of the printer (usually 5 years, depending on the usage).
  • From financial perspective, the advantage of leasing is that capital expenditures are converted into operational expenditures.
  • We will support you in making the optimal decision, whether you choose to buy – StabilPH, or to lease – OptimalPH a printer. We will examine all of your business processes that include printing, copying and scanning and based on specific requirements of each workplace, we will propose the technically and financially optimal choice of printers or multifunctinal devices with or without the printing management software.

Advantages of Printer Lease

  • No capital expenditure for the equipment (new or used)
  • No worries about depreciation
  • Fast and easy adjustment to new business requirements
  • Care of the printer is completely our responsibility, and we guarantee that it will work when you need it to
  • You pay per printed copy
  • Total costs are completely transparent

Lease Options:

  • All included in price per copy
  • All included in price per toner cartridge
  • Monthly lease + price per copy
  • Monthly lease + price per cartridge
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