Do you know…

  • what are your REAL printing, copying, scanning, faxing documents costs?
  • do you make decisions regarding purchasing based on the lowest price? Do you know the financial consequences of such decisions over long time use?
  • what is the actual duration of the working process with all documents in the current print system?
  • what is the cost of each print? On each printer?
  • is it possible to fax and scan using e-mail, without printing?
  • how many suppliers support your print system?
  • who prints in color, and is it necessary?
  • who can press “Enter” and print a confidential document in your company?
  • must all your material and documents pass through the printer?
  • how many employees use one printer?
  • how much is each printer used?

Answer is: Perihard solutions

Optimal PH

Complete service including: analysis, consolidation, optimization and integration of hardware, software and financing, equipment lease and maintenance, supplies, central administration, monitoring and reporting to the customer.

Lite PH

Includes print management service for comprehensive care on your current equipment, on all locations. This service is a synonym for control over printing costs, through a uniform price of the cartridge or a print.

Stabil PH

Stable operations of the company require excellent post-sales support. “Just in Time” delivery of service and all products from the area of printing is the key feature of our offer, with purchase advice based on 28 years of experience.
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