Printer maintenance

…since 1993.

Malfunction Repair – no matter what type of failure is, our staff has the knowledge and genuine spare parts providing you with a quick and safe solution. Your printer will be returned repaired, clean and packaged. In our database we will open its personal file for future needs.

Maintenance – With arranged SLA we will ensure a seamless flow of your business processes, without downtime, and extend life of your equipment. Regular and preventative maintenance of the printer is recommended once a year or every 50,000 pages.
Maintenance of computers and IT systems is agreed after a pre-screening of the current situation and needs analysis. Our customers can now integrate their needs for an efficient and productive IT system in one place.

Technical support – Impressive experience of our engineers, technicians, repairmen and system-integrators is at disposal for our customers. There are many impediments caused by printers that you could be easily resolved by you with a help of our first level support that is driven by “first resolution” principle. Excellence of our services is based on our company’s core business values, continuous development and experience obtained by serving some of the biggest and most demanding clients in the country.

Software support, support of system-integrator – advanced Canon and HP devices with software for print management should soon contribute to increased productivity and reduced costs. Our Canon and HP devices’ specialists will provide you with full support during integration of our solution into your existing IT and communication infrastructure. They will train your staff and will support them either remotely or on the premises if needed. As your business changes and grows so does your IT environment. Our system-integrators and printing solution consultants can respond to your requirements at any time.

Service desk – we manage all customer requests (printer malfunctioning and service request, spare parts orders and complaints) through ticketing system. Customers whose devices are connected to the remote monitoring system of our service desk benefit by saving time because all tickets are open automatically. Other customers have to open tickets manually and can follow the status of the ticket and can communicate with our stuff through the service desk. Tickets have automatically fixed response time that enables the monitoring of agreed SLAs.

Canon and Lexmark

HP and Samsung

Other Laser Printers

Multi-function devices

Dot matrix printers

In accordance to our business policy, that is based on the principles of high quality, we improved our services by transitioning to the new service desk ticketing system. The goal of introducing the new service desk was more efficient use of LitePH i OptimalPH products through better and more reliable communication with you, faster incidents solving, timely toner cartridge delivery, reduced response time and minimization of printer and computer downtime.

Besides repairmen, the team behind the service desk consists of of three system-integrators and two technical support staff. This allows us to provide you with fast and efficient first level support for your printers, scanners, copy machines and computers.

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