IT services

Computers diagnostics and repair – Our malfunction diagnostics is the first step in solving the issue. After the diagnostics, the customr decides if he wants to proceed with repair or not.

Computers maintenance – maintenance service is needed on the regular basis. If your desktop or laptop computer overheats or makes strange noises, this is a clear indicator that it needs urgent maintenance repair that includes hardware cleaning, cooler repairing etc.

OS installation – basic service includes: installation of OS on a new computer with all the necessary software, re-installation of Windows, fixing of corrupted system files, overall system fixing, antivirus software installation with recommendation of the currently best available software, basic software installation (e.g. MS Office suite, PDF reader, media codecs, Flash and Java applications). Advanced service includes: installation of more specific software like AutoCAD, Photoshop, Ilustrator etc, system optimization, removal of unnecessary background Windows services, updates etc.

Virus removal and installation of anti-virus software – viruses are among the most common issues, thus cleaning systems from viruses is the most common computer service tasks. Depending on the complexity of the issue, the procedure can take between 15 minutes and 2 hours.

OS optimization – or acceleration of the system is our favorite job that we perform every day. Many users are struggling for months with slow-running computers waiting to be replaced with the new ones, unaware that system can become faster without further investments. The system optimization can usually be done on the software side, especially for older computers with limited hardware resources.

Remote support – is the fastest way to solve issues on your computer, virtually immediately without bringing your computer to our offices. You only the working internet connection and remote desktop app. Currently the best remote desktop app is TeamViewer that you can freely download from our site.

In accordance to our business policy, that is based on the principles of high quality, we improved our services by transitioning to the new service desk ticketing system. The goal of introducing the new service desk was more efficient use of LitePH and OptimalPH products through better and more reliable communication with you, faster incidents solving, timely toner cartridge delivery, reduced response time and minimization of printer and computer downtime.

Besides repairmen, the team behind the service desk consists of of three system-integrators and two technical support staff. This allows us to provide you with fast and efficient first level support for your printers, scanners, copy machines and computers.

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