PrintAudit Software for Printing Devices Monitoring from Different Manufacturers

Many organizations are not aware of a large, enormous in some cases, difference in the printout price from different printer models and multifunctional devices. Such disparity can reach several hundred, even 500 percent. PrintAudit software enables reduction of print costs by up to 75%.

Gain complete control over your own printing environment

Using PrintAudit software we can prepare detailed information for you on facts such as who prints the most in the organization, on which devices, what type of documents, etc. In this way, you could notice, possible device misuse, lack of efficiency in use and existence of bottlenecks in operations. Return the print costs by charging cost centers for the documents they print.

Reduce print costs and influence to the environment

PrintAudit software is very important to us for recognition of all important factors for optimization and reduction of print costs in your organization through the analysis of device operation. Based on this data we suggest how to transfer expensive print jobs to the most efficient devices, control color print

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