ph servis desk.

Accurate, reliable and timely service engaging a minimum of your resources is the feature of business excellence we strive for. Our SERVICE DESK receives and resolves all your customer requests through a single point of contact (SPOC).

Service Desk acts proactively to all customer requests with the clients with contracted device monitoring. Supplies delivery orders or service support come from the Service Desk to the Customer, not vice versa, influencing the optimization of supplies and processes.

PH Service Desk can be reached directly, by phone or sending a message.

For access to the Service Desk app, login to the portal using username and password.

Phone     +381 11 2070-962, 11 276-00-17


After reporting, you have the option of selecting the request:

  • Supplies procurement
  • Complaints
  • Incident (printer malfunction)
  • Service

Upon confirmation of submission of information for any of the request above the Service Desk will send you, to the predefined e-mail address, an ID number of the request opened.

must be related to the articles from the agreed pricelist, set for the client and the customer must enter required amounts into fields.
The customer enters the type of device or supplies selecting from the drop-down menu some of the articles in the primary classification “UR” or “GP” the client ever used or services with PERIHARD. If a device cannot be found the customer leaves the field blank, enters the description of the problem, selects the location of service provision and submits a serial number of the cartridge and the device, as an option.
is executed by device type entering selecting it from the drop-down menu including data on contracted devices, from the OptimalPH or LitePH package, entering incident location, short description of the problem and telephone number of the contact person the notes.
is required depending on the fact whether it was defined by the Service Contract. If defined, the Note field is populated by the type of required service (installation, move, collect, troubleshooting notification request, etc.). If the service is not defined by contract the Note field is populated by the type of required service (price, availability, response period, etc.) and the request for response.

Within the application the request can include correspondence, thus enabling the direct communication between a person sending the request and the person designated for its resolution.

After each message the other person shall be notified by e-mail including a link to the opened request and the text of a message.

If you are not registered for this service, contact PH Service Desk with the customer account opening request.


Canon and Lexmark

HP and Samsung

Laser printers

Multifunkcionalni uređaji

Matrix printers


In accordance with the PERIHARD business policy based on the quality policy principles we have improved the service by transforming the ticket system into the service desk. The goal of the implementation of service desk was the more efficient implementation of LitePH and OptimalPH packages through better, more reliable communication with you, faster issue resolution, delivery of cartridges right on time, saving customer’s time as well as minimizing negative influence of defects to business.

The team behind this service, in addition to service technicians, includes three system integrators and two technical support officers that provide, in the fastest and most efficient manner, “first resolution” responses and problem solutions on your printing, scanning and copying devices.